Photo of Cottage from the road
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Bathrooms and bedrooms

Main Bath view of sink

Upstairs bath with a view of the sink. It's a smaller bathroom. Most of the space was saved for the open air main area

Picture of first bedroom on main level

Above - The "Elvis" bedroom - Its got the King sized bed

Picture of second bedroom on main level

We put a King bed in the second bedroom on the main floor. Elvis II?

Picture of downstairs bath

Downstairs Bathroom . . . Yes, that's a green tub hiding on the right side of the picture. Everything else looks good.

Picture of downstairs bedroom - Right side Bedroom

The photo on the right shows the right side bedroom in the basement. This bedroom has a queen size bed and a twin bed. Works for adults or kids. Both bedrooms have 4 foot by 4 foot windows for natural lighting and easier emergency access.

Picture of second downstairs bedroom - Left side Bedroom

The downstairs bedroon on the left has a full size and a twin bed. An ideal bedroon for kids. I've slept in the full sized bed. A bit of a tight fit for two adults, but it's the softest matress in the house.