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Yenta says; "Follow your heart, read on to decide if you're a perfect fit for a cottage vacation."

Our cottage is part of Camp Cleghorn, Click here for Camp Cleghorn details. Because of its location in Camp Cleghorn, a vacation here offers a unique set of advantages and limitations.

The benefits are wonderful. You have a marked swim area with a raft that keeps boats away from swimmers; a play area for children; an interdenominational church service just across the street on Sunday mornings. The cottage is on a private road with limited traffic. The Tabernacle across the street plays daily chimes at 9:00 in the morning, noon, and 6:00 PM adding to the family atmosphere. The residents are friendly and there is a solid sense of community throughout the camp

But, the camp environment will not appeal to everyone. The cottages are spaced tighter than many other rentals on the chain. They run in a line about 8 feet apart. (Not everyone shows up at the same time so its not as congested as it sounds.) The camp environment assumes you can socially interact with others and expects you to use the cottage while enjoying the Chain O Lakes rather than engaging in loud alcohol fueled parties.

This top 5 list of reasons NOT to rent our cottage should help you avoid pounding the proverbial round peg into a square hole.

You do not want to stay here if . . . .

1. You smoke or insist on bringing pets while vacationing.

-Sorry, my life is too short to spend time and energy eliminating the smell of stale tobacco smoke from the cottage every weekend.
- Though I love Fido and Fluffy as much as the next person, spending time arguing over claw marks in linoleum or bite marks on furniture ranks right up there with getting a root canal.

2. You expect to make the cottage "party central" or even "party summer vacation."

- As mentioned in the camp rules if you wish to consume adult beverages it must be within the cottage or unobtrusively on the attached decks. This is out of respect for the camps temperance heritage.
- If you feel the need to play music (or watch TV) at levels loud enough where people must raise their voices to hold a conversation then you should find a local bar. All of them play loud music and serve alcohol. This rule is out of respect for my immediate neighbors. Both of whom are quiet and pleasant.

3. You are sensitive to people asking who you are.

- Camp residents may strike up a conversation with you while in the common areas and perhaps ask who you are or which cottage is yours. If you are an extremely private person or feel insulted by strangers asking your name, this is not the ideal cottage for your vacation.

4. You believe the proper place for trash is out the car window or off the side of a boat.

- This shouldn't require comment. Only a complete idiot trashes the environment as he tries to enjoy it!

5. You're an easily offended atheist

- I don't care about your religion or lack of Ė as long as the check doesn't bounce :) - but if you are hyper-sensitive to displays of religion then listening to religious themed chimes 3 times a day will likely drive you nuts. Out of respect for your sanity I suggest other lodging.
- Additionally, a Sunday morning service is held across the street. The expectation for everyone is respect. Keep the noise down and donít drive past the Tabernacle during service unless its an emergency.