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About Us

Growing up near the Chain, you instinctively believe all lakes and rivers should be as clean and inviting as the Chain of Lakes. When you get older and move away from Wisconsin, you realize that most lakes are pale (more likely muddy) imitations of the real thing.

Two brothers and their families came back to rediscover the perfect lakes and streams of childhood. We hope you enjoy a chance to create your own nostalgic memories on the Chain

Our goal as hosts is to give you a quality vacation experience. We have included features such as High-speed Internet and Cable TV to make the cottage feel like a home away from home. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions

If you’ve read the contract you’ll agree my nickname “Captain Overkill” is well deserved. We’ve attempted to lay out what’s expected from both you and us to avoid misunderstandings. The rules and explanations are plain English.

Our experience is that people are generally good and respond in-kind when treated fairly. If anything here appears unclear, unfair, misleading or overly complicated, please let us know. We’ll be happy to make changes.