Photo of Cottage from the road
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Info about the Chain

Someone once said there are only two types of people in the world, those that put every one in categories and those that donít. What they meant to say was there are two types of people, those that have experienced the Chain O Lakes and everyone else.

The Chain O Lakes is a gorgeous group of 22 connected lakes with a total size of just under 800 acres. Itís located in East-central Wisconsin, 90 miles North of Madison between Stevens Point and Appleton, just off of Highway 10. Just three hours from Chicago or Rockford, itís conveniently located.

The lower Chain runs just over 4 miles from end to end. Most of the cottages/houses/mansions are on the lower Chain. In the four biggest lakes on the lower chain; water skiing, jet skis, and fast boats are allowed. The rest of the lakes maintain a slow, no-wake speed limit.

Some of the 22 lakes are connected to the lower chain through small waterways. The five lakes of the upper chain connect this way. A small gravel bottomed creek about 300 yards long connect the upper and lower Chain.

The upper Chain is peaceful and quiet with a few houses. Whispering Pines Park is located on the farthest lake. All five lakes are ideal for fishing, canoeing, or kayaking.

Check out a google map of the chain here