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Who can you trust?

Itís true, anyone can create a web site. So how do you know we are the solid upstanding citizens worthy of entrusting with your hard-earned cash in return for a fantastic vacation?

Hereís three easy ways for starters. Further references are available on request.

One, we are members of the Chain O Lakes association. You can check with them and verify that Glenn and Scott Block are listed as having a residence at E1102 Camp Road.

Second to rent and advertise this Cottage on the Chain we are required to register as a motel/rooming house. Bureaucratic overkill to be sure, but it means we are registered with license number 07-71563. You can verify this with the Waupaca County Health and Human Services department. Don Wick works for the department and can be reached at 715-258-6389.

Third and finally, you can visit or call the Waupaca County Court house and verify that we are the owners of the personal property located at E1102 Camp Rd Waupaca WI.

Even if you decide to rent somewhere else this year, itís always a good idea to verify the validity of the owners, anytime youíre concerned. Itís cheap insurance. Any vacation home legally rented in Wisconsin is checkable with methods two and three. Check with the county government where you are renting.